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Hyaluronan or hyaluronic acid is it is commonly known, is a substance that is naturally produced by the body. The large percentage of it is found in the connective tissue, eyes, and the skin. It has a function of retaining water and keeping the tissues moist and well-lubricated. This compound has a lot of uses. For instance, it can be used as a supplement, topic serums, injections, and eye drops. Before you buy any cosmetic product that contains this acid, ensure you read its detailed review. The following are some of the benefits of using hyaluronic acid.

Promotes Healthier Skin

woman faceUsing topical serums and supplements that contain hyaluronic acid can help the skin feel and look more supple. Ideally, about half of this compound is present in the skin where it helps to bind water to retain moisture. Unfortunately, exposure to harmful environmental conditions such as ultraviolet radiation and natural aging process from the smoke, pollution, tobacco, and the sun can decrease its amounts in the body. When you use hyaluronic acid supplements or topical serums, you can reduce the decline of this compound by offering your body an extra amount to add to the skin.

Improve Wound Healing

This compound has been found to aid in wound healing. Ideally, it is present in the skin, but it increases in concentrations where there is a lot of damage. In addition, it helps regulate inflammation levels and allowing the body to build a lot of blood vessels. When you apply it to the skin wound, it helps decrease pain and reduce the size of an injury faster as compared to a placebo. Also, it has antibacterial properties. This means that it can lower the risk of infection. This explains why it is applied directly to the open wounds.

Soothe Acid Reflux Symptoms

beautiful girlRecent studies have shown that this compound can help reduce the symptoms of heartburn. You should note that acid reflux occurs when the stomach contents move up into the throat causing damage to the esophagus and pain. Using a supplement that contains this type of acid can help soothe the damaged esophagus and accelerate the speed up process.

Relieve Eye Discomfort

It is estimated that about 2% of adults suffer from a dry eye as a result of reduced tears either because of high evaporation or low production. The fact that hyaluronic acid is excellent at retaining moisture means that it can be used to treat the dry eye.…

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Watersport for fitness is a great way to stay fit. Many people struggle with going to the gym because it is merely dull. If you live near a beach, then it is time to consider doing water sports for fitness. When it comes to water fitness, there are a variety of options.

You have to choose a sport based on your fitness needs. You need to remember that there are Water sports that require some level of training so you might want to go for training. Here are some water sports to consider for fitness:


Kayaking is a popular water sports ideal for fitness. If you are looking for a calm, peaceful and less intensive exercise, then it is advisable to go kayaking. When going kayaking, you need to consider buying a kayak. It is possible to get inflatable kayaks that are easy to carry. Kayak is good for working your upper body muscles.

When moving your kayak, you will be working on your upper muscles. Being on a kayak allows you some meditation time so that you can take the time to think and also enjoy the calm environment.


Swimming is also an excellent way to enjoy your time and even get fit. The best thing about swimming is the fact that it is a holistic exercise and it helps you to learn how to work your entire body muscles. You do not need to have the gear for swimming.

Swimming will not just help you with your body muscles. It will also help you to master your breathing techniques. Breathing exercises are also important so that you can learn how to hold your lungs.


Snorkeling is an underground water sport, but it has a lot of benefits. Underwater snorkeling is suitable for full body workout and weight loss. Apart from exploring the beautiful underwater surrounding, this type of workout allows you to exercise your body muscles.

As your body is moving against the water, you will be working your body muscles. This is a good exercise for toning your body muscles.


Surf Boarding

Surfboarding is good water sport, but it needs some training. You need to know how to balance the surfboard so that you can get the sport and also get all the benefits that you want to achieve. Surfboarding is suitable for lower body workout and it too good for learning body balance.…

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What’s new?!

Intimidated by the thought of running for 12 hours? Don’t be! There are no DNFs in a timed race. Come out and run your first marathon, 50k, or 50 mile in a well supported and encouraging environment. Or plan on all 12 hours.. you’d be amazed at what you can do!
2011 race date announced!! The second annual MTD 12 Hour will take place May 14, 2011. Registration will open January 1. Stay tuned for more updates!
Be sure to check out the results page which shows overall, age group, individual lap and landmark distance splits. Also on the results page: awesome race reports!

Where: Seneca Park 2222 Saint Paul Street Rochester, NY 14621

When: Saturday, May 14, 2011

7 AM – 7 PM

What:Timed race on approximately half mile paved asphalt footpath surrounding Trout Lake in beautiful Seneca Park. Participants will have 12 hours to walk or run as many loops as they can.

Seneca Park is situated along the great Genessee River. A quiet urban park, it is home to several species of friendly (and not so friendly!) waterfowl. The park is tucked behind The Seneca Park Zoo and is surrounded by hiking trails, sheltered picnic tables and wide open fields – making this race an event to be enjoyed by the whole family. Come and experience the competition and camaraderie at the only 12 hour race in Western New York!

Proceeds from the race will benefit… to be announced!

MTD is associated with The Road Runners

Club of America. We Run the Nation!

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