Drug Abuse

Smoking is among the habits that are hard to stop. The unhealthy habit not only affects your organs but may tamper with the reproductive system as well. Yes, it can result in infertility. Women who smoke at least 20 cigarettes in a day reduce their fertility level by more than 20%. On the other hand, smoking men risk low sperm count and slow sperm movement. If you are trying to conceive, it is the right time to quit smoking. The more you smoke, the more your reproductive system gets damaged, and the more time you will wait to have a baby. If you have been trying to quit smoking in vain, read on for tips on how to stop.

How to quit smoking

Smokeless each new day

If you have been used to smoking 20 cigarettes in a day, reduce by one to make it 19. Let the procedure continue until you can do only one in the day. After you can now smoke one in a day, continue so for like a week. Start now skipping days until you fully lose interest and forget about cigarettes. With bad habits, the decision to stop must come from you. If it is people forcing you to stop, you will hide and do it. Let the pressure and will to stop come from within, and you will be amazed how easy it will turn out.

Nicotine patch

There are a variety of nicotine patches in the market today. Choose one that resonates well with your needs and circumstance. Make sure to use it regularly to avoid the temptation of taking a puff. If you are forgetful, set an alarm that reminds you to put in on every morning.

Nicotine gum

With this method, your mouth will always be busy, and soon smoking will not be your thing. To note on this point is that you can get addicted to chewing the nicotine gum as well. Moderation is needed here. It is meant to be temporary until you can do without smoking. If otherwise, it turns out harmful as well.

Get support

Support from family, friends and your partner is crucial. You must have support when trying to stop smoking. A cheerleader is needed. You need encouragement on the bad days and a constant reminder that you must stop the habit and why you are doing it.