MTD 12 Hour is a spring ultra on an easy and well aided course, where a competitor can test themselves against a clock, instead of a prescribed distance.

Participants will run counter clockwise on an approximately 1/2 mile shaded asphalt footpath. Course is a USATF certified* distance of .4902 mi. At the start / lap area the path is approximately 8 ft wide, on the east side of the lake it narrows to 5 feet, and at the extreme north end is little more than 3.5 feet. Caution will be needed here in passing, and runners will be expected to not run 2 abreast on these narrow parts of the course. Running on the right hand side of the path in the grass will be permitted, however those runners will be completing a slightly longer distance each loop.
This is Western New York, and as the saying goes: “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.. it’ll change”. As it will be late spring there is a possibility for rain, heat or even snow. It is recommended that you watch the weather forecast, but that you be sure to bring plenty of options for clothing changes throughout the day. Normal highs for May 15th are in the mid 60s and lows in the mid 40s.
A field cap of 75 runners is in place.
A single main aid station will provide a variety of customary ultra food and drinks throughout the day.
Chip Timing will be provided by Yellow Jacket Racing. The AMB-it timing system uses an ankle transponder allowing for shoe changes. A large, visible leader board will be updated every few hours throughout the day to keep racers motivated and competitive. Lap splits and approximate 50k/ 50 mi / 100k splits will be available.
Runners may bring their own aid tent (10X10 or less) to set up along the course.
Restrooms are available within 50 yards of the race site, with a course side port-o-potty as well.
There is no park entry fee and ample parking space is available. (see map)
MP3 players will be allowed. In addition the main aid station will be playing upbeat music throughout the day to keep everyone moving!
Pictures and video will be taken periodically and posted to this site following the race. So don’t forget to smile!

Mind The Ducks 12 Hour is presented by Ultrarunning Matters. Ultrarunning Matters (UM) is an ultra running club, RRCA member club, USATF competitive club, and supportive camaraderie. UM serves an international membership of runners at all levels of ability interested in ultra marathons which are road, track, and trail foot races beyond the official marathon distance of 42.195 km. UM promotes healthy ultra running as well as environmentally-sound and socially-responsible trail running participation and race management. To find out more about UM, to join and to view other UM races, click on the link. Run like it matters!
Aid Station
The single aid station at the lap/finish area will provide water, HEED, fruit, ice, chips and candy throughout the day.
A rotating stock of other foods will become available around lunch time, including sandwiches, potatoes, and pizza. Ice cream and popsicles or hot broth will be made available as the weather dictates.
Drinking cups will be available, but due to the shortness of the loops, runners are asked to BYOB (bring your own bottle). Aid station personnel will be happy to fill your bottle or cup while you run, and will have it ready as you pass by once again. There will be a table set up solely for this use. There will be items for your employ to label your bottle with your bib number/ name on race morning. Race staff are also happy to work with your handler in getting you what you need so you can exit the aid station in a timely fashion.
Basic first aid, shelter, blankets and chairs will be available at the aid station.
Runners are encouraged to bring their own electrolyte supplements.

* USATF certification code NY09073JG