Race numbers must be visible at all times and worn on the front of the participant’s clothing.
Race will begin promptly at 7 AM. All racers are expected to be wearing their timing chips and be at the starting line by 6:55 for pre-race announcements.
Timing chips must be worn at all times, once your chip is removed you may not re-enter the race. A race official must be notified of your intention to exit the race early, should you not wish to compete the entire 12 hours. Unreturned chips will be billed at a rate of $90.
Runners need to be aware that only full laps will count at the end. You are encouraged to try and sneak one final lap in if your legs will let you, but if you cross the finish line at 12:00:01, that lap will not count.
The safety of each participant is of utmost importance. The race director and/or medical director reserves the right to discontinue any competitor’s race at any time for any reason.
To be fair to all competitors and not create congestion on the course, no pacers will be allowed.
Participants do not have the right of way. The race course will be open to pedestrians and fishermen. Please give a courteous and audible signal of your intention to pass park patrons.
Please, no littering. Multiple trash cans will be set up around the course. This is a carry in/ carry out park and race staff will be responsible for final clean-up. Most importantly, dropped trash will attract the waterfowl. The birds will pester, chase, lunge or peck at racers if they think they will be able to obtain food. Be sure to dispose of uneaten food properly to avoid attracting birds onto the path.
No dogs or jogging strollers.
Competitors may set up a personal aid station anywhere on the course. It is recommended, however, that aid be set up near the main aid tent. Race staff and volunteers are not responsible for lost / stolen belongings.
Participants in UM races are required to be age 18 or older and participants need to agree to the race waiver on or after their 18th birthday
Once registered, refunds will not be given if a participant is unable to race.